The beginning

Two years ago I took a major leap of faith. I moved to a different city, into a house with  strangers and ultimately away from my family. If I fastforward through two years of school, football, and a hell of a lot of experiences I am brought to now. The city has grown on me, the strangers are now as close to me as family and though my  actual family is farther away, I have never been closer to them. I have made the trip upto Barrie, where I sit now in my mothers new house on “family day,” and it is refreshing to know that even after a month of football, and school consuming me that there is a part of me here; A part I sometimes forget. I found myself thinking the same after my return from Vancouver in early January. I had not been back to the city that I know and love for over a year, and the beautiful thing was that nothing had changed. My friends continued to razz each other constantly, and my Dad continued to preach his life lessons to all of them constantly. Leaving Vancouver each time is getting easier, as is coming back to Toronto. I think it’s the support in both cities that makes it so easy to go back and forth. Now I just wish the tickets weren’t 800 dollars.

More to Come Soon.