Is She Out of His League?

You see it all the time, and every time you ask yourself, “how the fuck did that guy score that girl?” I’d be lying if I said there was one finite reason, but lets go over a few possible scenarios.

1. Hot women are just that: women. They have the same thoughts running through their heads as everyone else. They question themselves, have insecurities, and they are conditioned to dealing with douchebag guys. Just because they are hot, does not make them girlfriend material. These girls can have weird hobbies, sense of humor, or just be plain awkward. So when you see them with a guy who is awkward, you can almost bet the girl is awkward herself. It is also important to remember that girls place values in other things than looks, they can be attracted to a guy because he can sing, dance or because he’s hilarious.

2. They have been together since high school. In high school girls are not pretty and guys are little dweebs. It’s a perfect match at the time, and as the high school girls mature into beautiful women sometimes their male counterpart remains looking like a little kid. The feelings of love were there before she turned into a smoke show. Now the only question is how will she deal with all the new male attention she receives for being a rocket ship.

3. Women who continually get screwed over and played around with by men start to build resentment towards men in general. They often lose their confidence after questionable past relationships where they dated Captain Douchebag. This has lead the women to look for different qualities in men. Suddenly now the nerdy guy from her history class has some appeal.

4. Women who have just moved often have limited social circles. Once they start to hangout in a particular social circle they may only get to know the guys in that particular circle. She’s new to town, she doesn’t want to be lonely, so she gets to know a nice guy who is not very visually stimulating.

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