Calling to Texting to Tweeting.

When was the day that it became weird to call someone on the phone after meeting them? It has become the norm to text each other sporadically in hopes that you may hangout one day. The problem with texting is simple, there is no tone behind what you are saying. Texts like, “Sounds good,” can be misinterpreted and completely thrown out of context. How many times have you exchanged numbers with someone only to have nothing come of it because of basically a lack of effort. Is it a lack of effort, or a lack of balls completely? Sending a text to a girl you just met is easy, you are not put on the spot, you usually have your best friend acting as a co-author, and you aren’t tied into an immediate conversation. The truth is, as easy as texting may be, it really is a cop-out for calling a person. People don’t want to put themselves on the spot or here the words, “Oh I can’t hang out because of (insert excuse here).” The build up isn’t as grand and the fall isn’t as hard when you send a text. I once met a girl who after talking for about an hour suggested that I add her on Facebook and we go from there. Why in my right mind would I take a step backwards? I have already met you in person, talked for a while and now the next step is posting on your Facebook wall like the rest of the jabronis from your highschool? It would have been easy to accept the Facebook invite and become one of her 500 friends on Facebook. However, is it really my intention to talk once and then become Facebook friends? I recently had a girl tell me to follow her on twitter….I think it is way more intrusive to give away your Facebook/twitter and allow someone the ability to take a glance at your accomplishments, family, pictures, and recent activity. Leave something to the imagination, a little mystery never hurt anyone.

Now you could argue and tell me that texting is less intrusive than calling and I wouldn’t argue back. I will say that just texting puts you in the same league of guys that she meets every weekend. If you text your way to a First Date and all goes well why don’t you try calling her after that? Though you may be awesome, you are not Casa Nova and if you’re wondering; yes she has been on dates with other men and yes she could be possibly dating other men at the moment. Calling after you have hung out will not make her like you, but it will at the very least make you different. Different stands out, and standing out is what you’re trying to accomplish. If you are confident enough to ask a woman out, why can’t you be confident enough to call her?

If you text a girl and she doesn’t respond, THAT DOES NOT MEAN TO CALL HER! She could have responded, but she didn’t, do not become the desperate looking guy that she and her friends all laugh about. Also, for bbm users, if you send a message and she reads it but doesn’t respond, DO NOT FREAK OUT. She is not living her life around your every move, and it might take her a second to get back to you. It might be hard to believe but some girls are not glued to their phones at all times; they have lives they are living too.

That’s my rant for the day, click below for a related article on Drunk Texting that was written a few months back.

Art of the Drunk Text


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