5 Reasons to Make Her Your Girlfriend

So you have been seeing a girl for a while and she poses the question, “What are we?” Now before you rush to answer you should know a few things. Women like to have clear definitions when it comes to relationships. Men don’t really care for the definitions, they care more about what is actually going on between themselves and the girl they are pursuing. Relationships can be scary, great, or any adjective you want really. People have the tendency to close themselves off from relationships, “I am focusing on doing me,” “I just want to have fun.” In a relationship you should be able to, “do you,” and it should definitely be fun. Here are 5 reasons you should shut up already and make her your girlfriend.

1. She has her own life – In relationships a girl should be part of your life, not all of your life and vice versa. There is nothing more unattractive than a woman who considers you the best thing going on in her life. You may be awesome, but she shouldn’t put her life on hold for you. A woman who has her own ambitions and goals that she is striving towards is very attractive. Her having her own life, friends, and goals allows for you to have your own life. This is the part of the relationship that still allows both of you to, “do you.” Being with someone who has the same mindset can make for a much smoother relationship.

2. She is Drama Free – I love HBO, they produce some great television shows. What I enjoy about these TV shows is that the drama is happening to someone else other than me. Unnecessary drama just creates unnecessary stress. Lets not be naive, every girl has baggage, it’s just a matter of what girls baggage you can carry comfortably. Finding a girl who doesn’t get mad about everything you do, or read into every text you send is the key. This section could have been named, “make sure she’s not crazy as fuck,” but that would have been pretty self-explanatory.

3. She can handle your friends – This might be the most important reason to make her your girlfriend. You don’t want to have to keep your girlfriend separate from your friends. You want to be able to have both in the same room and not fear WWIII breaking out. A girl who can get along with your friends is probably cool enough to date. You also have to make sure that she can handle her alcohol at the club. Just when you think a girl is girlfriend material, she can get ruin it all by being a drunk mess hanging off of everyone. Make sure you hold her hand if she holds her liquor.

4.She is confident in and out of the bedroom – Every single person has insecurities and in a relationship it is your job to help the other person get over theirs. A woman that doesn’t second guess herself when she speaks, stands up for herself, and knows what she wants out of her life is very attractive. If your girl can carry that confidence into the bedroom you have hit the lottery. An assertive woman who is comfortable with her body allows for a fun and healthy relationship.

5.She is into you, not into what you can give her – She may look pretty, she may smell great, she may be dressed to the 9’s all the time, but most importantly she may just want your money. I am talking about girls that do nothing but take from a relationship. Finding a girl who is attracted to you because you are awesome is what you want, not because you drive a nice car. The girl who’s into you is the one that doesn’t care where you go for dates because you’re going to have fun doing whatever. The girl who’s into what you can give her will not have fun unless there are $ signs everywhere. Make sure she is a sweet heart and not a materialistic Barbie.

Next time she asks you, “What are we?’ You should have an answer!


2 responses to “5 Reasons to Make Her Your Girlfriend

  1. Some good advice. But I think if you even slightly think that you should date someone, then go for it. What’s the worst thing that happens? You never talk to them ever again? That sounds like a treat.

  2. Good list. I think same goes for guys, though a male gold-digger is not as common and guys are usually not as dramatic. But 1, 3, and 4 are still very important.

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