High School Sweet Hearts to College Enemies

I was told once, friends can become lovers, but lovers can never become friends.

It’s high school, you’ve just entered you first real relationship and its great! You walk around the school together at lunch, sneak around your parents house just to get to 2nd base, basically  living out any teenage movie of your choosing. You talk on the phone for hours (adults don’t have time to talk on the phone for 4 hours about nothing), You have sex (you both suck at it) and you sit in each others arms talking about how great it’s going to be in college/university.

The part you forgot to mention was, how great university is going to be without the other person. When you are in highschool you are forced to be in the same building as your girlfriend for 6 hours a day. This makes seeing each other mandatory and therefore easy. Once you get into the first semester of university you try to take similar classes, and hangout together as much as possible, but the fact of the matter is you’re becoming different people. Maybe she likes to study and you are just discovering the greatness that is beerpong, or maybe you are the loyal boyfriend and she is loving all the new attention she is getting from 3rd and 4th years. The plan is never to have a monumental breakup, but shit happens right.

Spring comes and after a questionable reading week that you both spent at different cottages/cabins/parties the relationship is in question. The usual line is something like, “I feel like I don’t know anything else and I need to experience that.” AKA – I want to have sex with other people or, “I feel like if we are ment for each other it will happen down the road,” AKA – I want to have sex with other people.

If the breakup goes sour and you share mutual friends…Buckle up, because the he say, she say is about to errupt. Once you both delete each others numbers and remove each other as FB friends you may think the cleanse is finished. You’re wrong! You still have the awkward moment where you see them with their new partner. All you want to know is that you’re beating them, at whatever messed up game you are playing. You will act like everything in your life is the greatest thing ever, and its never been better. You may think that you could possibly be friends again but that is only going to lead to awkward situation where one of you goes for a drunken kiss or you end up hooking up. The morning of awkwardness to follow is sure to be entertaining to say the least.

The fact of life is everyone has one that got away and everyone has one that they hate. Hopefully they aren’t the same person.


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