The First Date

Maybe it was the club, maybe it was through friends, shit maybe it was through Wherever you met, you’ve talked enough to work yourself into a first date…Lucky you. That part was easy, when you were in the club you were drunk in an environment where it’s conducive to meeting people. When you were introduced as friends there was no pressure and you had your friend making you out to be a “stud,” or a “sweetheart.” When you were online you had time to think out the perfect response to every question that made you seem interested but not desperate. This is all in the past now, and you are at the first date.

There is added pressure and value put into the first date. For the first time, two people who partied together, hung out in a group of friends, or chatted online are now going to dedicate an hour or two of time to each other. What to wear? How to do your hair? What will we do? Will they like me? All of these questions can be very daunting. A lot of the time its just easier for you to make up some excuse not to hang out. It’s not that you don’t like the person, it’s just that a date seems like a giant production, but is it really? Most people equate a first date to something they saw out of a movie or the bachelor. This isn’t real life, and a night packed with extravagance will probably scare the shit out of the other person. If you take a girl to the CN tower for dinner and wine, then proceed to sing a song to her, chances are she’s going to try and find a way to jump out of that giant tower. When you met this person you weren’t out in an extravagent settting, it was probably on a sweaty dance floor or at some boring christmas party. You weren’t worried about what you  were wearing, how your hair was or what your next move was. They are going to hang out with you so pick out a shirt, do your hair how you normally do it and go have a good time. Why don’t you go for something normal, this excludes going to the movies. Movies are for people already in a relationship and have ran out of things to talk about. Go to a coffee shop, go for icecream, shit just go for a walk in the city. It doesn’t matter what you do, either you are going to click or not. The second guessing is all for not. You got that person to agree to the first date, that means they like you. It is your job to not to anything weird or creepy, just carry the conversation and move on to date #2. When it comes down to it, it’s just two people hanging out. Why do you have to make it more than it is?

Good luck on Date 2.


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