The Real Hangover


With the release of Hangover 2 over the past weekend and me being hungover on monday morning I decided to write on real hangovers, which tend to be way less comical.

Your alarm goes off, someone slams the door, or the dreaded sunshine creeps its way into your room. This is how it begins, you are awake laying in your bed and you already have a crucial decision to make: do you get up, grab a cup of water and goto the washroom…or do you go back to sleep because not only are you tired, but the room is spinning and it helps to close your eyes. This will be one of several decisions you will have to make as your hangover continues. The next is to look at your phone and make sure you didn’t do anything stupid. The vulnerablility that washes over you as you check your text inbox is immense. As you finish you realize you didn’t send anything stupid and the satisfaction of small victory is visible on your face. The face fades though, only as your headache gets worse. You head to the kitchen/living room where you see your equally as hungover roommates and you begin to piece together the night. You thought everything went relatively well once you first woke up, then you remember being at a burrito place after the bar singing disney showtoons at the top of your lungs. This performance maybe the highlight of the night, but then something else comes to light. You remind your roommate of the stripper pole that he worked like it was his job. He’s praying to god no pictures surface and you are hoping for the opposite.

After a gatorade each, you and your roommates are ready to face the sun, the city and any surprises that lay in the way between you and Mcdonalds. This journey usually includes running into someone who partied with you the night before and they always have another story to add…”Man it was crazy, when you all took your shirts off and were dancing on stage.'” Ya I guess crazy is one adjective to use to describe that. By now you all have mentioned that you are going to take some time off of drinking and do something to clean up your lives. This is a short lived phenomena as by next friday you will find a way to celebrate something.

The nights that start off as casual social outings where nothing crazy is planned do usually turn into the wildest. The wildest nights often end up leading to the worst mornings. The hangover displays all of your battle wounds. It may be a bad tattoo, a piercing, a large amount of text messages to an ex. Whatever your drunk self did, know that they did it with all the right drunk intentions. 

Embrace the hangover because nobody tells the stories when they’re older of the nights that they got a lot of sleep.