Well that was a Good idea.


As summer approaches and layers of clothing begin to disappear we begin to see something. No it’s not your cool Alien shades, those were already discussed and are still pissing me off. What we begin to see is peoples bad decisions that they can’t erase. What im talking about is horrible tattoos. A tattoo should be something that has meaning and that you have thought about for a while. Getting a giant picture of a Wolf on your chest is never a good idea, no matter how badass you think wolves are. Tattoos should also be in places where they can be reasonably hidden. Unless you are a Rapper you probably will not be able to get away with tattoos on your face.

About 6 months ago I saw a man walking down the street with a Detroit Red Wings tattoo on his forehead. He was taking extreme to a whole new level. That is the worst tattoo that I have seen in person, though it was closely followed by a girl with a giant mohawk and a face tattoo’d on the side of her head.

After useless browsing on google I found this site which has some good ones on it, check it out here, http://ugliesttattoos.failblog.org/


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