The Art of the Drunk Text

Nothing good happens after midnight when it comes to your blackberry. Technology and ex-girlfriends/boyfriends do not mix well, especially at 1:39 am Saturday. Is it the repetitive striking out all night that leads you to believe that someone will “want to hang out,” or “grab food” this late at night. I’m not sure what possesses people to do this, though as you walk through the club and as the last hours of dancing/drinking dawn upon the crowd  you see more and more people on their phones texting away their dignity. Don’t get me wrong, I have done it, just as you have. However, the raw emotions and blank vulnerability that wipes over you as you lay in bed the following morning nursing a gatorade leads to nothing but more frightful realizations. You realize that last night you thought it would be a good idea to go on facebook when you got home from your night on the town. DO NOT DO THIS! Facebook and drunk you don’t get along period. Whether it is your mistyped status, message to someone you would never message sober, or just plain facebook creeping…It is all bad. Most people like to be talked to as such: a person, during a decent hour of the day perhaps. At least if you are messaging someone throughout the day, your late night love letter won’t come as such a surprise and can usually be laughed off the next day. Relationships can be ruined because of a little too much liquid courage a little too late in the evening. Thus, when it comes to the art of the drunk txt, your best painting is done when your phone is left at home and your computer is turned off.


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